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Scottish Provenance

Our Provenance Guaranteed Promise

provenance guaranteed logo on top of scottish landscape

Bakkafrost Scotland only farm salmon in Scotland. Our Provenance Guaranteed logo is our trademark symbol which guarantees our customers 100% traceability, complete confidence in our supply chain and underscores our values of Scottish quality, sustainability and authenticity.

loch roag landscape

We firmly believe that Scotland is THE best place in the world to rear salmon.Our mountainous and jagged coastlines offer remote rivers, burns and sea lochs, ideally suited for rearing lean and strong salmon.

salmon master outdoors

Nurtured by our dedicated Salmon Masters, unrivalled in their passion for fish care, our salmon are fed a high marine content diet with zero GMOs, Hormones, Steroids or Synthetic colourants.


Bakkafrost Scotland begin producing Label Rouge Salmon.

vac pac of tartan salmon from 2016


Bakkafrost Scotland introduces Label Rouge fillets sold in stylish vacuum packs incorporating a distinctive Scottish tartan label design.


Bakkafrost Scotland introduces a new trademark brand name to emphasise our premium Scottish Label Rouge offering; ‘Tartan Salmon'.

Pride, Passion and Provenance

As a proud community of over 650 Scottish salmon farmers, with over 85% of our Salmon Masters living locally along the shores of our sea lochs, we are devoted to raising our salmon and safeguarding our home environment.

Learn more about the Pride we have in our salmon, the Passion of our team and our Scottish Provenance by visiting our website at

map of scotland showing scottish salmon company sites

Bakkafrost Scotland – Scotland’s Finest – Provenance Guaranteed

salmon with label rouge gill tag


Since 2014 we have been producing salmon which wear the Label Rouge gill tag with pride and honour.



Feedback from customers suggests that our Label Rouge Salmon are prized above those of other salmon suppliers.

aerial view of salmon sites


All of our Tartan Salmon Label Rouge are raised in Scotland – Provenance Guaranteed